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Captivating in Copper: A Contemporary Tiburon Master Bath & Exterior Remodel

This modern makeover was for a Tiburon couple who wanted their rustic, traditional home to take on a more contemporary look. They also wanted to expand their master bath to be more proportionate to the rest of their house. S.A. Baxter, Inc. teamed up with The Wiseman Group and the talented architectural team at Skeels Design to accomplish this one-of-a-kind home remodel.

Breathtaking Bathroom

Bathroom remodels rarely include an exterior renovation, but this one was reimagined as stunning on the outside as it is on the inside. The custom copper paneling on the exterior walls is the showstopper of this project. Striking, sophisticated, and unique, the panels add an abundance of warmth and character to the home.  

Inside, the bathroom is clean and modern, with subtle elegance in every detail. Beautiful vertical-grain cedar makes up the ceiling, pairing perfectly with the warm tones of the tile floor and vanities. Flush mount trim along the floors, windows, and baseboards keeps the space looking sleek and refined. No detail was overlooked — even in the shower tile grout, which sparkles with (safely contained) crushed glass.

In a vast improvement from their previous small, cramped master bathroom, these homeowners now have a spacious, spa-like oasis complete with a luxurious soaking tub and modern curbless shower. As an added bonus, two separate vanities allow the homeowners to comfortably prep and pamper at the same time.

Exquisite Exterior

Adjacent to the outdoor kitchen area is a serene terrace, with a soothing hot tub and comfortable lounges perfect for relaxing and taking in the incredible San Francisco views.

These homeowners have the contemporary look they hoped for, with an incredible, expansive bathroom they’ll enjoy for years to come.

For a 3D view of this fabulous bathroom, be sure to check out the virtual reality tour here.

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Marina Remodel & Addition: A Study in Contemporary Style

Your home is a reflection of who you are. Modern, traditional, rustic, transitional — everyone has a style (or a combination of styles) that fits their personality. These San Francisco homeowners wanted a contemporary look for their remodel and addition, full of simplicity, clean lines, and understated elegance. Let’s explore how we incorporated the style into an updated and more spacious home for this growing family:

Contemporary Colors

Contemporary styling typically includes neutral hues accented with bold colors. Tone-on-tone palettes are also common, featuring variations on a single hue. In this home, all the paint colors are a shade of white, except for the dark grey kitchen cabinets that provide a dramatic pop of color. The kitchen countertops also tie in the white gradient with sophisticated Calacatta marble. 

Line, Shape, & Form

Line, shape, and form are important to contemporary style, as seen in this wide-plank oak flooring with a distinctive herringbone pattern. We also see the soft, elegant curves of the archways and detailing on the ceiling between the stairways.  

Neutral Elements

Neutral elements are key in contemporary interiors. This master bathroom’s stand-out features are the warm, natural beauty of the teak shower floor and gorgeous marble flooring, walls, and vanity — a repeated element from the kitchen countertops that creates a unified look throughout the home. Although colors remain neutral, this bathroom is striking and distinct. 

Use of Texture

The living room’s peaked ceiling is emphasized by rustic, wide-plank oak. These homeowners also chose French doors to flood the room with natural light, making this the perfect spot to cozy up with a good book or entertain in great company. 

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, industrial or shabby chic, it’s the key to making your home feel like you. Ready to make your home a better fit? Contact us to take the first steps.   

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Frequently Asked Questions For San Francisco General Contractor

Q: Do I need to hire an interior designer if I am working with an architect or San Francisco Remodeling Contractor?

A: There are some very talented and professional designers out there who are experts at making sure all the elements in the home will present a unified, cohesive design which suits the space and complements the home as a whole. They can make sure all the elements of the home work together as a cohesive whole.  Unfortunately, there are many people marketing themselves as “designers” whose only qualifications are a subscription to Sunset magazine. This unfortunate group typically has little or no understanding about the cost, construction practicality, or building-code-compliance of any given design. If you intend to hire a designer, you should choose carefully lest you spend a significant portion of your remodeling budget creating a design which you cannot afford or which does not comply with the limits of materials or with building code. Check references!  Many architects can also provide comprehensive interior-design services, however, so a separate designer is not always necessary.  A good San Francisco General Contractor can successfully collaborate with a designer, architect, engineer, and homeowner to make sure the design is developed in attainable direction

Q:How can I ensure that I hire a reputable San Francisco General Contractor?

A: By contacting the contractor’s references.  Ask to tour one of the contractor’s completed similar projects.  Also, always verify their contractor’s license, bond, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.  The state Contractor’s License Board’s website 

( ) is the place to start.

Q: What types of licenses and insurance should a San Francisco remodeling contractor have?

A:  They should have a B license (General Contractor.) A valid bond. Commercial general liability insurance of not less than $2mil, with a specific inclusion for work on condos/HOA’s if so engaged. Worker’s compensation insurance. Commercial vehicle auto insurance, including a “non-owned and hired” inclusion for employees driving their own vehicles on company time. The General Contractor should verify and provide written proof of all these same insurances for every subcontractor they bring to any job.

Q: How do San Francisco remodeling contractors usually charge for their services, with regard to deposits and the payment of balances?

A: In California, a General Contractor may request or accept, prior to onsite work having commenced in earnest, a deposit of 10% of the total contract price or $1,000.00, whichever is LESS. Contract payments are typically linked to progress milestones and/or sign-offs for various inspections.

Q: What are some steps that I can take to help ensure that the remodeling goes as smoothly as possible?

A: Choose design professional(s) and Remodeling Contractor carefully.  Avoid the misery of assuming you can act as your own General Contractor by merely hiring all the various subcontractors, picking out a cabinet finish and flooring material, and hoping everything will work out fine. It rarely will, and such projects inevitably cost more and take longer to complete than had a good San Francisco General Contractor been involved from the start.

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